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Optimism from a IT geek perspective

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

The Graphic below is definitely true:

Optimism has been Located in the Brain by Researchers: General Public = Win Lottery, IT Workers = Backups won't fail.


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This is Why I don’t watch BBC News

February 18, 2010 1 comment

Every now and then, someone is very surprised that my answer to the question “Did you see X Y Z on the news”? is…. No.

Then after a brief synopsis and analysis of how they interpreted the information we are both just as wise and informed.

I found out when i was very young that News can be filtered and ignored for quite some time. anything important will filter through, and usually including information from various sources.

So all in all, by not watching BBC News:

1) you’ve saved yourself a lot of time by not sitting in front of the idiot box.
2) You’ve received digested news from various sources
3) You’ve not had to be exposed to video’s such as the one above.
4) You’ve not really had to worry about things that don’t necessarily affect you that much. (If you live in England you can be assured there’s someone charging the Government enough to try and fix any issue which is being presented anyway)

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How to Get Out of the Money Trap

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

What’s the money trap?

The money trap is the system of economics that seems to be fair on the surface, but which is specifically designed to drag the average person down until it’s barely even possible for them to survive. This trap is designed and maintained by a few select bankers – in America, they’re the descendants of wealthy American banking tycoons who made it big during the 1920’s. Since then, they’ve increased their stranglehold upon the money structure in this country and around the world, and now use large private organizations like the Federal Reserve to tell the government what to do. During the Renaissance period, many European countries had outlawed banks, because of their tendancy to take control of a country’s money supply and overpower everyone – people, businesses, and even governments. As we’ll see, this is exactly what modern-day bankers have done. They’ve turned the economy into a money trap, and one of the most effective tools in their toolkit has been fractional reserve lending.

Fractional reserve banking, also known as, "Poof!  I've just created money!"
Fractional reserve banking, also known as, “Poof! I’ve just created money!”

What’s fractional reserve lending?

Fractional reserve lending works like this. Let’s say you have a brand new $100. You either spend it, or put it into

Excellent article on what is wrong with the money system. Maybe JFK’s suggestions should not have been reversed after his assassination.

What do you call a group of Bankers? …. ….., …. a “wunch”

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Palindrome of a Lost Generation | Tammy Camp

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

There is hope if you look at things in reverse… AWESOME and inspirational. 10/10

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Interresting Youtube video: Personal Democracy

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment
The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube and the Politics of AuthenticityWow, ,  just wathed this somewhat educational YouTube video that
really shows how Youtube and social media is actually changing the
whole way we connect and reflect on the world, our surroundings and
what we call community.

The most interesting part is where it shows How and why the medium
allows people to be different and even more open than what they would
normally be. Similar to a confession booth ( wouldn’t know
personally). Maybe that is why Reality TV love the video diary format
so much.

It was definitely worth watching, since I started watching the video
at 04:30am and didn’t fall asleep.

Check out this video on YouTube:

P.S: Sent from my iPhone (a beautiful beast of technology) –
I haven’t worked on my MacBook the whole night but did everything That
i use to do with my old windows laptop two years ago, in addition to
the augmented reality apps, which showed me where the nearest coffee
shop is ( and that is is currently closed…)

Still need a Mac to get real work done though.

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