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Internet Life report shows massive changes

September 18, 2008 1 comment

BT has just release a new Report on Internet usage and trends called 21st Century Life Index.

A major report commissioned by BT reveals how communications have changed over the past ten years and illuminates what consumers expect from the next generation of technology

Time Spent Online 2008

Time Spent Online 2008

It goes on to explain how reliable Broadband access has changed the face of shopping in the UK, how we are entertained and organize our lives.

In particular the survey, which was carried out by BT in conjunction with Ipsos MORI, highlights the significance of broadband’s arrival in the UK and confirms that fast, reliable internet connections have changed the lives of many of us forever.

Indeed, according to the report’s findings, Britain has become a nation of online shoppers. Half of us are regular online shoppers (compared with just two per cent a decade ago), a quarter of internet users in the UK have bought or sold items on auction sites like eBay, and a third have used online product or service reviews.

Other findings show that 44 per cent of internet users now feel it is easier to influence the media and politicians thanks to the internet while talk of a credit crunch is encouraging more and more of us to start using online price comparison tools in a bid to save money.

It also shows that in 1998 , out of the test group, 81% of people haven’t bought ANYTHING from the internet, where the 2008 percentage is only 22%.

You can get the whole report from BT’s website.

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