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Why Cartoons Scare Politicians

September 10, 2008 1 comment

It is amazing the immense impact something as simple as a Cartoon can have in mostly non-literate countries, and the lengths that the governments of such countries will go to to try to suppress the cartoons.

The whole world remembers the uproar that was caused by the Danish Cartoons showing the Muslim Profit Mohammed in 2005. In case you missed it, read this Wikipedia story explaining the case

Yesterday in another part of the world (South Africa), a similar uproar started to brew.

ANC party spokesman Doughnut Phiri said that Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro, a Cartoonist that is known for his Struggles against apartheid and his Satirical cartoons “needed to be eliminated, destroyed or killed, both literally and/or metaphorically and/or metaphysically, or whichever one we are allowed to do by the Human Rights Commission”. – from Nothing to do in Joburg Besides...

I believe the reason that the politicians or rulers of religion (similar creatures) in these Third World countries are so scared of the Cartoons is due to the following reasons:

  • No literacy is required to understand what is being depicted
  • The cartoon section of a News-papers is probably the most “read” *from my experience of shoulder surfing on the London tube system
  • It will cause the populous to start asking Questions, and that is their main fear

One of the most interesting aspects about Shapiro’s predicament is that the ANC have now tried to brand him as a Racist which is regarded as a cheap blow.

For those familiar with Visual Communication techniques, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Whether you agree with the cartoon or not, it is definitely a brilliant piece of communication