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Snow in London

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

London is known for its rain which never really seems to stop throughout the year, than it is for snow, but once or twice a year you might just get lucky enough to see actual snow and have all the fun that comes with it.

On the 17th of Dec 2009, We Londoners had that opportunity and were treated with what the rest of the world would consider a “little bit of snow”.

Although it only lasted a few days on and off, the temperature was enough to cause Havoc to all the inner workings on the London surroundings (Roads , facilities etc)


Image: ‘It’s cold outside...’

On a much brighter side, if you knew where to go around London, you would have been treated to the most amount of fun you can have outdoors in the Winter.

London city central is always a few degrees hotter than outer London, so if you are a inner Londoner, the only snow you might have seen was a few flakes that would disappear in a few hours. (So sad)

To prepare yourself for the next time it starts to snow in or around London, here’s a few really good places to go:

Sunny Hill Park:

Tube Station :Hendon Central
Line: Northern Line

The park has 3 main Hills which create sufficient slopes for trying some snowboarding or Bobbing.

Snow in Sunny Hill Park, Hendon, London

You can buy your Sleighs from the nearby JD Sports (0208 202 6238)

If you are willing to travel out a bit further or have a car and want to drive out of London, you will even get a better opportunity to try some winter sports in Amersham.

Amersham is the LAST stop on the Metropolitan line and is a nice small Village with an amazing amount of Nature surrounding it.

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