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February 5, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve recently became a massive fan of Twitter.

You can follow me at

I also found a nice tool to put your Twitter updates on your blog which is really useful:

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February 5, 2009 Leave a comment


I have been on a Two month Adventure filled holiday to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand and have had the time of my life.

Frasier Island East Coast Australia

I’ve tried to keep posting a few Twitter updates and below is the history for the past few days.

If you would like to follow my adventures follow me at

LouisinLondon: Retweeting: @LisaHartwell Fantastic story about harnessing Twitter + your own charming personality 😉 to grow a business

LouisinLondon: Remarkably, Internet access is readily available in Thailand although there isn’t even a proper drainage system where I visited today. Weird

LouisinLondon: Only 7 Days left until I’m back in London. Hooray, and a feeling of loss… of freedom. For now at least. 3 Niches, 2 business plans ready.

LouisinLondon: Sorry for not responding to some new Followers, I will check you out when I’m away from these gorgeous beaches and cocktail bars. Until then

LouisinLondon: Flying to Bangkok for last night in Thailand until returning to the cold and snowed over London. Freaky London weather! I want another trip.

LouisinLondon: @fromtheold Sorry to hear about the Hi-Jacking in South Africa. Safety is the main reason I decided to rather start travelling the world.

fromtheold: @LouisinLondon How do you do that?

LouisinLondon: Bought 4 different “Evolution” T-Shirts today in Bangkok, From a chicken ending up on the Grill, to the Top Evolutionized human kicking ass!

LouisinLondon: I met a couple this weekend who moved to Turkey (where they get 20% interest on their money), “retired” at 42, and now travel the World. 🙂

LouisinLondon: @fromtheold I’m still working on being able to live mobile (to the degree I would prefer) using the internet as the main income stream…

LouisinLondon: I would like to live/work from:
South Africa (Feb,March)
Australia (April, May,)
London (June->Aug)
Barcelona (Sept,Oct)
Thailand (Nov->Jan)

LouisinLondon: London Heathrow has opened again for Long Haul flights so I can return from Thailand… :-/ Would not have minded stretching it a few days.

LouisinLondon: Sunny , gorgeous and cold today in London as theres snow everywhere. Big contrast to the beach in Thailand yesterday. Good start to 2009.

LouisinLondon: Welcome to @ChrisDJMoyles who have recently found out about Twitter. Amazing DJ on capitol FM in London.

LouisinLondon: Hi Tweeple.
Feels good to have access to all my IT systems again although the Beaches of Thailand was better… Wwwork to do. Money to …

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