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Some Adult Halloween Costumes?

September 30, 2008 1 comment

Some of you might know that in a previous lifetime…Well, actually only a few years ago, I was a clown, magician, juggler, Stilt-walker, fire-breather and a few more things.

All of this was nice, mainly because it paid for my education, and put me in contact with VERY interesting people.

So, trying to make use of the “knowledge” I gained throughout my experiences, I’ve started answering some questions on Yahoo Answers, and I will also be setting up a few websites, starting with one about Halloween costumes.

I’ve spent a few weeks creating a site called which is mainly about:

Here’s a Quick Screenshot of it:
Read more…


SA President Jacob Zuma for Dummies

September 21, 2008 1 comment

Getting a bit sidetracked from my usual IT and New Media Post and sometimes off-topic Halloween Costume or Trick Photography posts I bring you:

Jacob Zuma : a.k.a Gedleyehlekisa

Quoting Jacob Zuma: “In one sense it means one who laughs with you, whilst endangering you. Literally” Then after licking his dry lips, “but I’m not Dangerous at all”

With shock, many South African’s watched BBC news tonight to see President Thabo Mbeki resign , just one day after receiving a threatening call to step down from the ANC Party , allegedly for “interfering” with Jacob Zuma’s corruption case.

For the rest of the world though, many people we’re wondering, well, who is this Jacob Zuma guy?

Quick answer: The president of the ANC, with a bad reputation, and a dirty record as any one can get… What did Obama say, you can put lipstick on a …

Last week I blogged about how there was chaos in the ANC government when a political Cartoonist Zapiro, depicted Jacob Zuma getting Ready to Rape the justice system:

Well, This Blog is about New Media and IT, so to explain what or who Jacob Zuma is, it might make more sence referring to some New Media Video’s about him:

A compilation of the Zapiro cartoons about Jacob Zuma:

Bring me my machine gun song:

Umshini wami, also known as Awuleth’ Umshini Wami (English, Bring me my machine gun), was a popular Zulu language “struggle song” used formerly by members of the Umkhonto we Sizwe militant branch of the African National Congress during the apartheid era in South Africa’s history. Most recently, the song is identified with the persona of Jacob Zuma, a former MK member and Deputy President of the ANC who later became the President of the party, and is often sung at rallies which involve him and his supporters, including the current composition of the Youth League.”

Criminal charges? What Criminal Charges?
Criminal Charges:

In 2004, Zuma became a key figure mentioned in the Schabir Shaik trial. Schabir Shaik, a Durban businessman and his financial advisor, was questioned over bribery in the course of the purchase of Valour class frigates for the South African Navy, a proposed waterfront development in Durban, and lavish spending on Zuma’s residence in Nkandla. On 2 June 2005, Shaik was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison, with Judge Hilary Squires describing the relationship between Zuma and Shaik as “mutually beneficial symbiosis”. The media mis-reported this as “A generally corrupt relationship”, although this description does not appear in the court transcripts.

In November 2005, an investigation began into charges that he had raped the 31 year old daughter of a deceased struggle comrade at his home in Forest Town, Johannesburg

Quoting Jacob Zuma: If you walk away from an arounsed Woman, it is akin to Rape”

He was acquitted of rape but ridiculed for testifying in court that after having consensual sex with his HIV-positive accuser, he believed taking a shower after sex was sufficient protection against infection. He was head of the National AIDS Council at the time.

Money Laundering:
On 28 December 2007, the Scorpions served Zuma an indictment to stand trial in the High Court on various counts of racketeering, money laundering, corruption and fraud. Zuma appeared in court on 4 August 2008. The charges were believed to be linked to the $5bn arms procurement deal by the South African government in 1999.

What do educated people think of Jacob Zuma?

Even Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu concedes Zuma is a “likeable” person, but adds that he has a track record that would “shame” the country were he to become president.

Interview with some news personalities and Zuma’s Radio 702 press release, showing the massive difference in oppinnion about Zuma between those with access to information, and those with only access to Propaganda.

South Africa’s most known YouTube poster : VJ Khayav (

“perhaps if there were more white people in the ANC, Jacob Zuma would not have been elected”

“White People are TERRIFIED of Jacob Zuma, to be fair Large sections of the Black middle class [ Pause], I might get into trouble for saying that…but it is the right thing”

3 Part BBC Panorama video “NO more Mandela’s”

What the multitude of illiterate population of South Africa thinks of JZ

“Jacob Zuma’s supporters are singing to loudly to hear his critics”

Is it “Jacob Zuma for Dummies” or “Dummies for Jacobb Zuma”?

And Lastly for those who do not know about Affirmative action in South Africa:

Racist anti-White policies of the South African ANC govt:



Australia Foreign correspondent:

Youtube (you’re friend)

Trick Photography for Halloween

September 19, 2008 1 comment

I found this cool post about Trick Photography that you can use this year for your kids or friends in their Halloween Costumes

I also realised it is only 40 odd days until Halloween so its time to start looking for something Geeky but trendy enough…

Haven’t really been ably to find any other ideas for trick Photography online … so will probably buy the book that the blog post suggests.

Any Idea?
Please put the links in the comments.

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Internet Life report shows massive changes

September 18, 2008 1 comment

BT has just release a new Report on Internet usage and trends called 21st Century Life Index.

A major report commissioned by BT reveals how communications have changed over the past ten years and illuminates what consumers expect from the next generation of technology

Time Spent Online 2008

Time Spent Online 2008

It goes on to explain how reliable Broadband access has changed the face of shopping in the UK, how we are entertained and organize our lives.

In particular the survey, which was carried out by BT in conjunction with Ipsos MORI, highlights the significance of broadband’s arrival in the UK and confirms that fast, reliable internet connections have changed the lives of many of us forever.

Indeed, according to the report’s findings, Britain has become a nation of online shoppers. Half of us are regular online shoppers (compared with just two per cent a decade ago), a quarter of internet users in the UK have bought or sold items on auction sites like eBay, and a third have used online product or service reviews.

Other findings show that 44 per cent of internet users now feel it is easier to influence the media and politicians thanks to the internet while talk of a credit crunch is encouraging more and more of us to start using online price comparison tools in a bid to save money.

It also shows that in 1998 , out of the test group, 81% of people haven’t bought ANYTHING from the internet, where the 2008 percentage is only 22%.

You can get the whole report from BT’s website.

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Share a external Drive over the network

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

So… Yesterday, I tried to be friendly and answer someone’s question in a forum:

How to share a USB or Firewire External Hard-drive over the Network

The sad part is, after typing down the instructions, making sure I’m not lying to this poor soul, and pressing the submit button, I was told to register.

Fair enough, registered, but up to now I still haven’t received a email from them, so Here’s the answer for those who needed to know:

How to share a USB or Firewire External Hard-drive over the Network

I am assuming you have Windows XP professional? (Home Edition will be different) Let me know, and I’ll update.

Click on My Computer
*Right Click on the drive
*Select Sharing and Security

Under the Sharing Tab which should now be open
* Select the option “Share This Folder”
* Provide it with a “Share Name” and a “Comment”

for this example we’ll call it ExternalDRV
* click Apply
* click O.K

To make sure it is being share you can do the following:

Type in “net share“:

C:\WINDOWS>net share

Share name Resource Remark

D$ D:\ Default share
C$ C:\ Default share
ADMIN$ C:\WINDOWS Remote Admin
IPC$ Remote IPC
The command completed successfully.

Someone can now connect to your external in the following two ways:

From their computer:
Click start->Run
Type in \\YourComputerName\ExternalDRV

<gras>If it is in a work environment you might have problems connecting to it that way.</gras>

Firstly : If you are in a work environment ask your support team first, seriously, ask them first.
A workaround would be to find out your IP address:
Click start->Run-> type cmd, and then ipconfig

Now whoever wants to connect to your shared external drive can access it via your IP:

Lets say your IP is

This would be a temporary solution as your IP will most likely change if you are not on a static IP address.
PLEASE NOTE: </gras>

Although it is possible it is not really recommended as your Bottleneck will be the USB / firewire connection between your machine and the external drive.

I would suggest rather buying a Network Attached Storage External drive like the ones below:
The 1TB is a good size and they go from about $80 to $200+ (a $100 one should be fine)

NETGEAR SC101 Storage Central
* Price: $80
* Network attached ONLY (but at a great price) and
* only 100Mbps (which is pretty fast for any normal house usage, its fast trust me)


Western Digital My Book World Edition 1 TB Network Storage System
* Price : $214.99
* Network attached but can also connect via firewire cable
* Supports up to 1000Mbps transfer rates (but this depends if your machine’s and your network actually run’s at Giggabit Speeds (doubt it)

Both of them will come with software that is easy to configure and once its up and running you can simply access the shares or map to them. Another massive benefit is that it doesn’t require a PC / Mac to be switched on to access it.

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Microsoft just LOVES Mac’s

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve had a skype chat last night, with a friend that I haven’t seen for ages.

Funny enough after an hour or so, the discussion about Windows vs Mac OS X came up, and dare I say it, I just backed down, *gracefully.

Working with Windows (just about all the version) on a daily basis for support, but also doing research using Mac OS X platform and having an iMac and MacBook for my home use, it’s sometime difficult to explain in our own words WHY so many of us nowadays choose to use Macs .

Lets hear what previous CEO of Microsoft had to say about it:

Microsoft LOVES the Mac

Additionally a lot of people don’t know that the Microsoft Products on the Mac has ALWAYS surpassed the version on Windows when it comes to functionality, ease of use, and plainly just looking and working awesomely (except for Entourage – a Exchange client which only works well with newer Exchange 2003 + Servers)

Microsoft doesn’t want people to know many of their developers also work on Macs.

“Oct. 30, 2003 – Michael Hanscom admits it probably wasn’t the best idea. He thought the photo on his personal blog of Apple computers being offloaded at a Microsoft loading dock might get a couple of smirks from friends. He never imagined it would cost him his job.”

Read the whole story

Vista is not so bad after all.

I have to admit, the only Windows Operating system I have some respect for is Vista (but I will not install it on ANY machine in my lifetime…) Can anyone say SLOW… the reason it requires some respect, is the same reason it irritates everyone, IMPROVED security (but did they have to do it in such a nagging manner?.

To be honest , it is not Microsoft’s fault, Developers COULD have followed the best practices for Coding secure applications that do not require Admin rights, and Vista would have seemed been a lot better.

Last but not least

Built in features:

And lastly, I found this video of Steve Jobs commenting on what his gripes are with Microsoft.

Having been both a Mac and PC user for quite a few years, I have to agree with Steve 100%.

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Why Cartoons Scare Politicians

September 10, 2008 1 comment

It is amazing the immense impact something as simple as a Cartoon can have in mostly non-literate countries, and the lengths that the governments of such countries will go to to try to suppress the cartoons.

The whole world remembers the uproar that was caused by the Danish Cartoons showing the Muslim Profit Mohammed in 2005. In case you missed it, read this Wikipedia story explaining the case

Yesterday in another part of the world (South Africa), a similar uproar started to brew.

ANC party spokesman Doughnut Phiri said that Jonathan Shapiro aka Zapiro, a Cartoonist that is known for his Struggles against apartheid and his Satirical cartoons “needed to be eliminated, destroyed or killed, both literally and/or metaphorically and/or metaphysically, or whichever one we are allowed to do by the Human Rights Commission”. – from Nothing to do in Joburg Besides...

I believe the reason that the politicians or rulers of religion (similar creatures) in these Third World countries are so scared of the Cartoons is due to the following reasons:

  • No literacy is required to understand what is being depicted
  • The cartoon section of a News-papers is probably the most “read” *from my experience of shoulder surfing on the London tube system
  • It will cause the populous to start asking Questions, and that is their main fear

One of the most interesting aspects about Shapiro’s predicament is that the ANC have now tried to brand him as a Racist which is regarded as a cheap blow.

For those familiar with Visual Communication techniques, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Whether you agree with the cartoon or not, it is definitely a brilliant piece of communication