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IDE/HBasic32 not found AtomPro BASICMicro

October 1, 2009 Leave a comment

You will probably get this error: IDE/HBasic32 not found AtomPro BASICMicr when trying to run BASICMicro and a updated Windows XP machine: which is software used within robotics to create amazing robots like this one.

After finding NO helpful information online and definitely not from

I would generally describe my experience with the BasicAtom as positive. After some minor problems getting the development environment setup – things generally worked as documented.

(Thanks alot for nothing – and just telling us you fiddled around… around with WHAT? come on. seriously. don’t tempt us, if you spend the effort to blog about it, please tell people what you actually did?.)

I figured it out and here’s the solution:
Rename the folder:
C:\Program Files\BasicMicro\BasicATOM-ProIDE

As below:
C:\Program Files\BasicMicro\BasicATOM-ProIDE

Then it all works.
This is because either BasicATOM or Windows itself doesn’t deal well with spaces when trying to run this software.

We also put C:\Program Files\BasicMicro\BasicATOM-ProIDE;
into path environment