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DuckDuckGo/blekko search partnership – Gabriel Weinberg’s Blog

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the exciting developments on the internet at the moment is search engines trying to improve the results and reduce the amount of spam.

The two new Search Engines Blekko and DuckDuckGo have decided to team up and seems to be providing very interesting and authoritive results

If this development continues, it will even be more important for SEO’s and Marketers to learn how to become authoritative in their markets.



I’m happy to announce DuckDuckGo (the search engine I run) is partnering with blekko (another search engine startup). I’m sure the partnership will evolve over time, but right now we’re using some of their auto-firing slashtags and they’re using some of our Zero-click Info.

On our end, we’re using their technology to improve results in really spammy categories like health. So now if you search for cure for headaches the top links will be from more trustworthy sources. We’re also using their APIs to offer sort by date functionality, which has been an oft-requested feature since launch

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2 billion YouTube videos watched daily

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment
I saw this YouTube advert today at Tottenham court underground station in London

YouTube videos are indeed the most watched but I’d wouldn’t be surprise if a large percentage of those views are coming from Facebook users ho are sharing the videos. Facebook is quite sneaky by not allowing you to view YouTube videos fullscreen (probably because they want you to continue interacting on Facebook)

I’ve recently also been experimenting on using Facebook pages for business lead generation and it seems to be working great. Next I’ll see if I can get a slice of YouTube , so will sharpen up my video skills. Sent from my iPhone

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Disable Spotlight for VMware Fusion and Save your sanity

November 22, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are a recent Mac convert, and still have to run Windows for some reason you might have installed VMWare Fusion for the Job.

Although VMWare fusion is a great product and allows you to easily install Windows on your Mac and make snapshots etc, its integration with the OS X Spotlight search feature started to irritate me.

the problem is when you are typing in Terminal it might launch “Hyper Terminal” from Windows, meaning it will take up many resources first starting up Windows, or reviving it from its paused state.

Well, luckily there is a way to disable this integration with Spotlight, so you only run Windows when you absolutely intended to do so.

Disable Spotlight for VMware Fusion

I haven’t used VMware Fusion in a while, but this evening I noticed that applications from a Windows installation on Fusion 2.x were showing up in Spotlight.  At first Firefox (Windows) was the top hit for Firefox, trumping the OS X installation.

Not exactly what I was after.

It’s simple to fix, although not terribly intuitive for someone who doesn’t use Spotlight much (like me). Open System Preferences, and then open the Spotlight preference pane. Select the Privacy pane and drag your Virtual Machines folder in. By default this is located at \Documents\Virtual Machines\.

Close System Preferences and you’ll find that your virtual machine contents will immediately be excluded from Spotlight.

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How many floppy disks would you need?

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment
I like it when art and retro technology mixes:

Designer Mehmet Gozetik has posters showing you how many floppy fisks you would need to install your modern software programs.

Theoretically software doesnt always need to require more space to be better though. Take the example of OSX Snow Leopard.

If you upgraded you would have been pleasantly surprised to notice you have gained a few gigabytes of storage space. Unfortunately this is not the case with most Windows operating systems or software, which just seems to get more bloated by the day… You see i occasionally need to look after about 800 PC’s which has tun into some form of problem due to a introduction of a new piece of Windows software. This requires a lot of man power and causes frustration. Software licensing is a mess, Windows registry ( you dont even want to delve in there, im an expert an wish i didnt know), Viruses (enough said)

On the other hand, the somewhat 500 Apple Macs that are managed through my team and other colleagues happily go along and even allow us yo do quick updates… Mostly with the push of a button. We’re planning on replacing the PC’s and just running macs (with dual boot for the one or two programs we cant virtuslise, and thst list is gettig smaller and smaller), I Would like to see a exhibition on operating systems we once used, so we can all have a chuckle.

Enough of that for now… Need to find a fix for a full computer lab with extremely slow Microsoft Windows and software installation. (why Developers for Windows cant create standalone applicatuons is byond me)

Ps: software called BootLogXP is proving to be useful in tracking down some startup issues. Without sounding like too much of a Apple fan (which i am), Macs (OS+hardware) = modern technology, great experience… You’ll
Be converted…

PC (everything about it) = age of floppy drives. – hint, hint

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