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Microsoft just LOVES Mac’s

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve had a skype chat last night, with a friend that I haven’t seen for ages.

Funny enough after an hour or so, the discussion about Windows vs Mac OS X came up, and dare I say it, I just backed down, *gracefully.

Working with Windows (just about all the version) on a daily basis for support, but also doing research using Mac OS X platform and having an iMac and MacBook for my home use, it’s sometime difficult to explain in our own words WHY so many of us nowadays choose to use Macs .

Lets hear what previous CEO of Microsoft had to say about it:

Microsoft LOVES the Mac

Additionally a lot of people don’t know that the Microsoft Products on the Mac has ALWAYS surpassed the version on Windows when it comes to functionality, ease of use, and plainly just looking and working awesomely (except for Entourage – a Exchange client which only works well with newer Exchange 2003 + Servers)

Microsoft doesn’t want people to know many of their developers also work on Macs.

“Oct. 30, 2003 – Michael Hanscom admits it probably wasn’t the best idea. He thought the photo on his personal blog of Apple computers being offloaded at a Microsoft loading dock might get a couple of smirks from friends. He never imagined it would cost him his job.”

Read the whole story

Vista is not so bad after all.

I have to admit, the only Windows Operating system I have some respect for is Vista (but I will not install it on ANY machine in my lifetime…) Can anyone say SLOW… the reason it requires some respect, is the same reason it irritates everyone, IMPROVED security (but did they have to do it in such a nagging manner?.

To be honest , it is not Microsoft’s fault, Developers COULD have followed the best practices for Coding secure applications that do not require Admin rights, and Vista would have seemed been a lot better.

Last but not least

Built in features:

And lastly, I found this video of Steve Jobs commenting on what his gripes are with Microsoft.

Having been both a Mac and PC user for quite a few years, I have to agree with Steve 100%.

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