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Create Easy Step-by-Step Screenshot based Documentation with StepShot

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Many information workers nowadays not only need to do their work, but often also need to document the work as they are doing it to enable collaboration in a team or to use for training of new staff (often one that will replace you…)

The Past

Now there has always been many option for doing screenshot based documentation and we are all aware of the old routing of:

  • Print Screen (or Alt+PrintScreen to capture just a window)
  • Start->run->Mspaint
  • Paste -> Resize, Save
  • Copy to Word to add to your document…

This use to be a verty long and tedious routine.

The New way: Screenshot Software to Create Documentation

Although there are many screenshot programs available, not many of them allow you to just complete the whole task that you want to do, while capturing the screenshots automagically for you in the background.

This is exactly what a piece of  screenshot software called StepShot Does.

Export options

The export options are currently HTML, or a PDF of your Screenshots with added notes.

Download one example of a PDF StepShot

Your other export options are Doc or HTML but you can also share it to your Dropbox Account (which comes with 2Gb free online storage)

The Interface is really easy to use and takes over your Print Screen, Alt+PrintScreen if you wish to do specific screen grabbing outside of a usual step-by-step process documentation.

Annotating the Screenshots

Some neat features in the software is the option for an external Editor if you want to use PhotoShop etc, and also the annotation features for annotating the specific image if using only sentences are not enough.

StepShot Annotation options

For the most part the software is quite good and I’m expecting the developers to enhance the software soon with export to WordPress or Blogger which would be great for the Bloggerati.

If you are fast on the 28th of May 2012, the software will be available for free for 24Hrs at

Stepshot Screenshot

example of the StepShot interface


Thereafter the screenshot software will be available to purchase directly from their website


Think you are living on the other side of the planet of your friends? Check it..

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If you’ve ever decided to live on another continent far away, after a while you’ll start seeing more differences between your new (or temporary home) and your home country and might feel that you are indeed living on the other side of the planet..

Well, if you ever wondered where you will end up if you drilled straight through to the other side of the world, there is now a tool for that…

Simply scroll the top map to where you currently are are see the other side of the world… Very interesting


This Google map also works on the iPad which is great.

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The virtual machine sharing in VMWare Workstation 8

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I’ve been using the Mac version of VMware called Fusion, but just realised now that the PC version of VMware Workstation 8 can allow you to create a virtual machine of a server, and allow people to run it remotely. (without needing RDP) 

I’ll investigate it a bit more but have a look at the details below:

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The virtual machine sharing service is not available in VMWare Workstation 8

I wanted to share a VM, but this error message appeared when doing so:

vmware workstation 8 - the virtual machine sharing service is not available

The virtual machine sharing service is not available.


Changing the TCP Port that VMWare Workstation uses for the Shared VMs feature did the trick!

First startup VMWare Workstartion as an admin, otherwise you don’t have sufficient permissions;

VMWare Workstation 8 - shared VMs

Started as administrator:

VMWare Workstation 8 shared VMs - runas admin

Stop the service first, by hitting the “Disable Sharing” button. Then change the port number, and start the the sharing service again. I changed it to 242;

VMware Workstation 8 shared VMs - port changed

Before sharing a VM, I changed the location where all shared VMs are located. Because I wanted VMs on a second SSD.

change sharedVMs location

Share a VM by moving  a machine into the Shared VMs container in the Library;

share a VM

The Share VM Wizard starts. Transfer the VM to the “Shared Virtual Machines” directory (the one I changed a minute ago);

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