Optimism from a IT geek perspective

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The Graphic below is definitely true:

Optimism has been Located in the Brain by Researchers: General Public = Win Lottery, IT Workers = Backups won't fail.


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Gadget allows Mute boy to speak for the first time

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I saw this touching story in the Metro the other day:

“Boy of 11, speaks first words to Family thanks to gadget”

Yes, using a similar system that that used by Steven Hawkins which costs around £6000 and is called Vantage light,  the severely disabled boy called Yemil is now able to communicate with his parents using the gadget.

The best part of the story however is this:

His first words that he created on the device to his parents were:

“I love you”

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Visit to Yoyo Tech in London for Custom Gaming PC’s

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Yoyo Tech London Custom Gaming PCsSince I mostly use Macs, I was intrigued when a friend took me to a gaming PC paradise in London called YoYoTech.

They are Specialist is building custom gaming PC ‘s and can be found at 30 Windmill Street – London – W1T 2JL

What was really remarkable was how large these computers were and sometimes quite noise if they had large fans but of course you have the option of choosing water cooling which will run silent (but still take up all the space under my desk).

Other massive computers which looked like Aliens were also on display and I have to admit, if I didn’t convert to the Mac some 7 years ago, I probably would have loved to get one of these machines (If they ran a different Opperating System)

So if you’re inclined to use Windows PC’s and need a super computer for your gaming you can definitely enjoy the visit to www.yoyotech.co.uk


I almost forgot, they also were using a nice BIG QR code on their door which is nice.

Twilight in November at the Southbank in London

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Lots of stalls selling German delicatessen and Mulled Wine with Brazilian music and a lot less people than in the summer. It also helps that this November is apparently the hottest in recorded history. (no complaints from me about that either)


The real reason for being here today however is the World Press Photo 2011 exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall

So far quite a number of interesting photos.

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Lots of sunflower seeds at the Tate Modern

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Strangely reminded me of eating these seeds when I was a kid and visiting a friend who had an African Grey Parrot. It looks like concrete, but edible

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This is where i am… Happy

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DuckDuckGo/blekko search partnership – Gabriel Weinberg’s Blog

November 27, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the exciting developments on the internet at the moment is search engines trying to improve the results and reduce the amount of spam.

The two new Search Engines Blekko and DuckDuckGo have decided to team up and seems to be providing very interesting and authoritive results

If this development continues, it will even be more important for SEO’s and Marketers to learn how to become authoritative in their markets.



I’m happy to announce DuckDuckGo (the search engine I run) is partnering with blekko (another search engine startup). I’m sure the partnership will evolve over time, but right now we’re using some of their auto-firing slashtags and they’re using some of our Zero-click Info.

On our end, we’re using their technology to improve results in really spammy categories like health. So now if you search for cure for headaches the top links will be from more trustworthy sources. We’re also using their APIs to offer sort by date functionality, which has been an oft-requested feature since launch

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