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YouTube Marketing Opportunity grows 30percent in 18 months

Since 2007 when YouTube started out with 6 hours of Video per minute being uploaded, Its popularity has increased to be above 60hours of video uploaded every single minute. Note: If you are using YouTube for your business or marketing online feel free to add a comment with a link to your channel or videos as a comment at the end of this article.


YouTube’s incredible Growth

What is most interesting is the biggest growth of 30% has been over the last 18 months leading up to 2012

The money is where the audience is…

YouTube still lags behind normal TV, however visitors to YouTube still spend an average of 15 minutes a day on the site compared to 4 hours of TV viewing (American audiences), but from a Marketing perspective here is a HUGE difference: YouTube viewers CHOOSE exactly what they want to watch, compared to TV viewers who often just “watch what’s on the box”

Google knew that This targeted viewing audience combined with YouTube Googles impressive skills with targeted advertising would b a great success, and that is why Google bought YouTube for £1 Billion With. Road and usage increasing dramatically more and more money earning generations (20+ to 55+ years old) are also getting on YouTube. For 2012 you can no longer ignore YouTube as communication method for your company or affiliate Marketing
I’ll be posting some advice on using YouTube for content creation, online marketing and communicating with your audience in future posts, as well as review some software and services to allow you to get a good distribution of the videos you decide to make available online. Advice for right now: Just go and register a Youtube account now, if you have a Gmail account you’re already 90% there. Look out for my YouTube Marketing Tips soon to come. Regard

Louis Slabbert

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